Our Vision

To be part of providing excellent home care to our environ and support the care of the elderly and the vulnerable.
Through sustained excellence, we would build a brand that will achieve greatness around the world.

DIGNIFY CARE LIMITED is dedicated to maintaining a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.
We believe it is important to create an atmosphere of acceptance and community care, as well as a place where individuals can identify and bond with aspects of their culture.

Our company takes pride in giving back to the community by offering free services to children, such as story nights, art lessons, and lessons in music appreciation.

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Our Values

Dignify Care Limited aims to individualised patient centred care approach to maximise an efficient and quality care to all clients

Dignify Care Limited offers quality social care services to individuals within their own home environment aiming to improve and maintain highest patient quality of life.

Dignify Care Limited work with service users and their family to support them to live independently within their home environment, we adhere to the core details of the service user needs and ensure their care needs are met. We work with respect, dignity, empathy, compassion and a non-discriminatory manner towards all service users.

Dignify Care limited gives the greatest respect as far as religious beliefs, cultural, sexual orientation, marital status, race and disability are concern to all our service users.

Dignify Care Limited work effectively with the nominated care worker, to give the best of care to our service users and to adhere to all regulations under the care act and the objectives of the organisation.

Dignify Care Limited takes into consideration the effective and efficient use of resources, to the benefit of the service user.

To make sure our service users and staffs are continuously involved in the management process and continuous professional development of the staffs to meet the quality assurance framework emphasising on the best interest approach of all service users.

All service users will know the process of complaints, compliments and feedbacks to help improve on our services.

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